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I’m a multi-passionate midwestern gal who took my theatre degree and people-loving tendencies and turned them into a life of extraordinary storytelling.

Let’s get down to some wildly creative collaborations, shall we?

from burnout to 🦋

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Being a creative person is a gift.

But when my life became bartend-audition-gig-repeat, it didn’t feel like a gift anymore. My creative soul, born and bred from a family of musicians, was slipping away - only making the occasional appearance in an acting class or in the confines of my New York City bedroom. 

My life changed when I found writing. Slowly but surely, my creative spark began to burn bright again. I sat at my laptop and scribbled in notebooks and found my voice, and then I fell in love with helping you find yours.

The little girl singing and dancing up and down stages in Cleveland, Ohio wouldn’t believe it if you told her she could do it all. She wouldn’t believe she could act and write and help build brands and use her obsession with stories to bring people together. She’d be so relieved. She is so relieved. And it’s only the beginning!

If you’re an artist daydreaming about living your life as a multi-passionate - don’t wait. Throw out the “rules” and do it your way.

Your creative soul will thank you later.

Whether I’m writing your brand copy or belting out your 11 o’clock number, the very core of my work is to foster personal connections through storytelling.






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